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The Al-Muaina Holding Group

Established in 2009, Al-Muaina Holding Group set a high benchmark of perfor- mance with its unique blend of investment flexibility and diversification. Over the course of its growth in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Group has registered notable success in a short period of time, creating boundless opportunities for investors and boosting economic and social development in the country.

Beyond investment and profit, Al-Muaina Holding Group believes in its role to create and shape a brighter future for Saudi Arabia. From industries such as food and oil & gas to global products and services, the Group is an integral part of the kingdom’s growth..

However, the Group does not rest on its laurels. Instead, they continuously explore and innovate to meet the evolving demands of the economy and consumers. It is with this ambition and the utmost care that the Group strives to achieve optimal gain for both its customers and the economy as a whole.
The Al-Muaina Holding Group is more than just a business, but a force for good that highlights the true potential of the Kingdom. It stands for perseverance, ingenuity, and hard work – reminding everyone that success isn’t only measured by one’s accomplishments, but the journey in which one achieves them.

Maximizing Investment Opportunities:
Al-Muaina's Decade-long Strategy

For more than a decade, Al-Muaina Holding Group has been using their investment diversification strategy to optimally take advantage of the available opportunities in the Saudi market and expand their investments to create a giant and sustainable investment ecosystem. Through their consolidation of investments and their ability to adapt to flexible and changing work mechanisms, they have been able to build a strong foundation for continued investment growth and success.

As the group looks ahead into the future, it remains determined to identify and capitalize on additional potential investment opportunities in order to maximize returns and keep its investment strategy on track.





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