Our History

Al-Muaina Holding Group invites you to explore its inspiring history! Over the decades, this conglomerate has seen remarkable progress and change in the Middle East.

Founded in 2009 as a small trading company, Al-Muaina has since grown into a diversified entity with interests in multiple sectors, including food, oil, and gas investments. From a humble beginning with a handful of employees, Al-Muaina now boasts a workforce of thousands of talented professionals who drive the company’s vision of excellence and innovation. With a keen focus on customer satisfaction, quality, and sustainability, Al-Muaina has established itself as a trusted brand in the region, earning accolades and awards for its outstanding performance.

Here are the milestones that the group passed through, showcasing its remarkable journey of success.

The Inception: The Spark That Ignites The Tale
In 2009, Abdulaziz Mohammed Al-Muaina utilized his broad expertise and strong leadership capabilities which had been developed through sixteen years in a prominent Saudi enterprise, to commence his entrepreneurial voyage. He did this by forming a tiny retail enterprise for food items in Al-Tubaishi, a region of Dammam.
Fortify Our Wealth: The Power of Strategic Investments
Through his hard work and determination, the investment group was able to join the wholesale food trading industry after only three years and achieve significant success, complying with the best health and safety regulations. This was further solidified by the opening of the first centralized bakery and confectionery factory in Dammam in 2014, signifying their entry into the food production sector. To extend their investment sources, the group added a spare parts section for drilling machines, which works with Saudi Aramco.
Mama's Oven: Empowering Food Industry

In an effort to promote food security in Saudi Arabia, the investment group has undertaken several projects, including the establishment of "Mama's Oven" bakeries. These bakeries provide essential food items for the local population, offering a selection of traditional sweet snacks inspired by Saudi Arabian households. With 20 branches already operating across the country and plans to expand to 40 branches by 2030, the bakeries not only support food security efforts but also celebrate the rich culinary culture of the region.

Scaling New Heights: A Tale of Endless Growth
In 2015, United Contracting Company was founded with the intent of increasing the group's investment opportunities. This allowed the group to gain sole distribution rights for many popular brands of oil and gas drilling components within the Kingdom. These strides signify the group's pledge to advance their enterprise, leading the industry with a consumer-first mentality, whilst furnishing unbeatable goods and services.
Surpassing the Bar: Our Unmatched Dedication to Client Satisfaction
In 2018, Food Producers was established to bring in essential raw ingredients under unique deals to fulfill the local market's necessities for necessary materials to create food. This company's mission is to supply premium raw components to manufacturers, restaurants, and food suppliers to make sure that healthful and safe food products are generated. With an emphasis on sustainability and honest behavior.
Unstoppable Flight towards our Ambitions
In 2020, plans were put in place to construct a factory dedicated to producing food products for some of the biggest food companies in the world. It is projected that this factory will be completed and operational by 2023.