CEO Message

Abdulaziz Mohammed Al Muaina


Al-Muaina Holding Group is dedicated to advancing the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to a future of prosperity and sustainability. To meet this goal, the company invests in training, employing, and certifying Saudi calibers and participating in volunteer and community efforts.

As a representation of the Saudi public’s goals, the group aims to keep up with the changing economic environment in the Kingdom by diversifying investments. With a clear vision and focus on human development, we plan to be a leading force in the market with massive investments in technology that will benefit businesses and citizens alike.

Furthermore, the group is actively seeking to reduce emissions by eliminating fossil fuels and replacing them with clean, environmentally-friendly sources. Additionally, Al-Muaina Holding Group seeks to support and implement the principles of citizenship for the Saudi people in order to meet their goals and ambitions.

With the leadership of the Kingdom, a new era of prosperity has come about, positioning Saudi Arabia as a prominent world leader.