Executive Team


Abdulaziz Mohammed Al Muaina

Abdulaziz Mohammed Al Muaina, the visionary CEO of Al-Muaina Holding Group, one of Saudi Arabia’s leading conglomerates founded in 2008. With an aim to keep up with the rapid growth of the country and secure a competitive edge in every industry, Al-Muaina has diversified its operations and Abdulaziz has been instrumental in its success.

A veteran in leadership and business management, Abdulaziz Mohammed Al-Muaina’s vast experience has paved the way for the group’s achievements. His passion for the production industry is a clear indication of his exceptional talent, and his contributions have resulted in several notable short films and documentaries.

Currently at the helm of Al-Muaina Holding Group’s operations, the astute CEO has been striving to consolidate the group’s position and build a stronger presence in the region. Thanks to his unwavering efforts, Abdulaziz Mohammed Al Muaina is regarded as one of the most important national figures in the production and business circles of Saudi Arabia.

As a driven individual and a seasoned entrepreneur, Abdulaziz Al-Muaina is dedicated to steering Al-Muaina Holding Group to new heights of excellence and reinforcing its reputation as a premier player in every industry it operates in.

General Manager and member of the Board of Directors

Abdulaziz Abdul Karim Abahsain

Abdulaziz Abdul Karim Abahsain is a man of immense knowledge and experience in the field of administrative sciences. He is currently the General Manager and member of the Board of Directors at Al-Muaina Holding Group, where he strives tirelessly to find innovative solutions that facilitate the group’s growth and development.

Mr. Abahsain’s success can be attributed to his years of experience across various sectors, including finance, accounting, and management. He has an extensive record of achievements in these fields, which he skillfully employs in his work at Al-Muaina Holding Group.

Having earned a bachelor’s degree in management and accounting, Abdulaziz Abdul Karim Abahsain is not one to rest on his laurels. He continues to enhance his knowledge and skills by acquiring professional certifications that help him stay ahead of the curve.

Throughout his career, Abdulaziz Abdul Karim Abahsain has consistently demonstrated a remarkable ability to overcome challenges and lead by example. His exceptional leadership skills and business acumen make him an invaluable asset to the Al-Muaina Holding Group, and a source of inspiration to all those who work alongside him.

Technical Manager and Board Member

Ayman El-Gabaly

Ayman El-Gabaly is an experienced and skilled professional who has devoted more than 20 years to mastering his craft in the energy industry. With his prominent role as Technical Manager and Board Member at Al-Muaina Holding Group, he holds a crucial responsibility in overseeing the seamless operation of the organization’s energy division.

El-Gabaly holds a bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Engineering, which has equipped him with the technical knowledge required to excel in his role. His extensive experience in managing local and international projects and developing and diversifying businesses has enabled him to bring significant value to the table.

Over the course of his career, El-Gabaly has held several leadership positions in several foreign and local companies. This has given him the exposure and the expertise required to navigate the nuances of the Gulf and North African energy market with ease.

El-Gabaly’s exceptional skills, coupled with his profound experience, make him an asset to the Al-Muaina Holding Group. His strategic thinking, attention to detail, and ability to develop innovative solutions to complex problems make him a standout leader in his field. He is a valuable member of the group, and his contributions have played a crucial role in the group’s success in the energy sector.